Dr. Sushant Srivastava


Dr. Srivastava, MCh – CTVS (AIIMS) specializes in Aortic Aneurysm Surgery and has over 20 years of experience in Cardiac Surgery.

Dr. Srivastava was Assistant Professor at AIIMS, Senior Consultant at Max Healthcare and incharge of Donor Management for Heart Transplant at AIIMS. Trained in Ventricular Assist Devices at Philadelphia, USA, Dr. Srivastava has performed over 9000 Cardiac procedures. A versatile surgeon, Dr. Srivastava has operated numerous CABGs, Valve Repairs, Replacements and complex Congenital Heart Diseases with equal ease. Amongst his many medical feats, the successful Open-heart Bypass Surgery on a 96-year old man (perhaps the oldest reported patient in India) brought him into national and international prominence amongst the medical fraternity.



Previous Experience:

Awards and Achievements
He performed approximately 3000 cardiac procedures at AIIMS, and now has a total experience of over 7000 cases. He is a versatile surgeon and operates CABGs, Valve repairs and replacements and complex congenital heart disease with equal ease. He assisted the first 10 heart transplants of the country at AIIMS and was actively involved in the cardiac transplant programme as in charge of donor management.


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