12 questions that will answer your queries


1. What are the Cost Benefits of medical treatment in India?

The cost of the treatment in almost all cases is less than when compared with US, UK and other developed countries and in some cases the treatment is just 1/10th when compared with other International Hospitals.

2. Quality of Treatment when compared with the Western Countries?

The quality of treatment is comparable with the good US hospital and majority of these hospitals are accredited by the U.S.-based Joint Commission International.

3. What are the accreditation and ratings of the hospitals?

The hospitals that you will be treated are fully recognised by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (Authority that take care of the healthcare standard for healthcare providers in India) and/ or by Joint Commission International (Oldest and most widely recognised US based health care accrediting body). The quality and other standards of these hospitals are way above the global average as standard by these accreditation agencies.

4. I do not speak English will that be a constraint and how you will be able to overcome this Language Barrier?

Incase if you are not able to communicate in English the company provides translator who will understand your native language. You only need to provide this information prior to make the suitable arrangements. Plus all the support staff that you meet will all be proficient in English and extremely helpful.

5. What will be the duration of the treatment and how will you coordinate the holiday?

Duration of the treatment depends entirely on the severity of the condition and recommendation made by the doctor. The holiday period will begin based on your condition and preference and you can choose for a pre or post treatment holiday.

6. How will you ensure the care of the companion?

Suitable arrangement for your companion will be done upon request. We have tie-ups with hotels and guesthouses that are near to the hospital. Rest assured every possible assistance will be provided for you and your companion.

7. What will happen in the event of change of plan or cancellation of the trip.

It depends on the time you specify since to make the whole arrangement requires prior payments to Hotelier, guides, transportation etc. even before you arrive. Such restriction means that the repayment amount will depend upon the third party’s refund policies though we make sure to give you maximum refund.

8. Why one choose India and not go elsewhere?

The first reason is quality of treatment which stands comparable with the US counterparts. Second important reason is cost which is just a fraction of what it normally costs in developed countries and finally the scenic beauty that will blow your mind. All this combination will make your experience that you will cherish for life.

9. How it is possible for such cost effective treatment while maintaining the international standards?

There are several reason for this which attributes for cost effective treatment and this includes cost of living which is fraction of Western countries. Also the hospitals have innovated cost effective methods that drastically reduces the cost. The innovative methods includes hub-and-spoke design (coordinating workload), task shifting (transfer of workload) and fixed salary to the doctors instead of fee-for-service model used in America.

10. If I choose for medical treatment in India how much I will be saving?

If you make a cost comparison of the Medical treatment that are offered in US/UK or any other foreign location hospitals that follows the International level of quality standards with the Indian counterpart and that too with same set of quality standards, you will come to know that in majority of cases the cost of treatment is significantly lower and in some cases it just 1/10th of what you will pay in India as compared to western countries. 

11. What is the Action plan upon deciding to avail the services of Medicountry?

We have created a simple flowchart that will guide you to take necessary actions as well as how your whole trip will conclude.

12. Other reason that will make me visit India and skip other nations?

India is a paradise for the tourists who wish to explore the cultural heritage and diversity that the country offers. From Taj Mahal to Red Fort there is something for everyone. India is also rich with flora (Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary) and fauna (famous Sundarbans National Park that host the world's largest tiger reserve). You will be having breathtaking moments that you will cherish for a long time.