Indian Doctor/Consultant

Quality healthcare infrastructure, affordable treatment cost, and the availability of talented doctors have led to the rise of India as one of the top three destinations for medical tourism in Asia. With a large number of patients heading to India for the treatment of their medical conditions every year, there is an increasing need of health tourism facilitators.

A network of professionals

In order to provide unparalleled health tourism services to patients, Medicountry has networked with some of the largest hospitals, healthcare groups and some of the most renowned doctors in India.

Through an active partnership with diversified healthcare groups, we are able to reach out to the maximum number of in-bound patients with our customized services that range from overseas consultation, pre and on-arrival services, to post-treatment follow-ups.

Partnering with specialists

With an aim to enhance its services and enrich its network, Medicountry is continuously looking to partner with skilled specialists, experienced healthcare groups and distinguished hospitals for a strategic association that would result in mutual benefits.


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