Indian Patient

More and more Indian patients are crossing city borders in search of the best treatment for their medical conditions. With cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai attracting patients from different Indian states, the growth of inter-state health tourism in India has seen a phenomenal rise.

Facilitating interstate medical tourism

Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics are just some of the medical branches that are attracting patients. Inter-state medical tourists do not face any fewer hurdles than those faced by international patients.

Consulting with the right doctor, finding the best hospital, and planning the course of the treatment in another city can be a towering task for patients and their families who are already suffering. This is where Medicountry steps in. With a range of pre and post-operative services, the medical tourism facilitator eases the treatment process for patients to help them heal in the comfort of warm atmosphere.


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